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Working at Legal Orbit

We hire highly-creative, inquisitive people that are passionate about finding new and better ways to serve our customers, all while having fun doing it. And even though we're a fast growing, global business, we're always going to be a company that is deeply rooted in a unique, ambitious and social office culture.

Legal Orbit employs the best practices for people development & career growth. As a law firm, we offer clients’ expertise across practice areas and exposure to a wide range of experience. We offer sufficient mobility between practice areas to meet this end. We believe in providing a road map of career advancement, where everyone heads in the direction of success and chalk out the tenure of achieving respective milestones. All of which reinstate that this organization presents great opportunities for personal and professional growth.

No matter which continent our employees are located on, we work together as a versatile team to create something better than we could have alone. We are visionaries, fully believing there is a solution, even when we may not yet know the answer. And we never stop challenging today's status quo, accepting occasional failure along the way as a stepping stone to our success.

Those are big ideas, but sometimes we just enjoy reliving last night's game over fresh lattes, or pulling together a healthy (but competitive) soccer match. And while we like to dress well, we typically reserve formal attire for our highly anticipated year-end bash.

If you believe that you would fit into our profile, send us a copy of your resume at: career@legallorbit.com 
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