Of Counsel
Navin Kumar has unique experience of advising and representing clients for the past thirty four (34) years in international and domestic arbitrations relating to diverse fields, like construction of oil and gas platforms, construction of highways and runways for airports, laying of land and sub-sea oil and gas pipelines, horizontal drilling across riverbeds, civil construction contracts, installation and management of fertilizer plants, FIDIC contracts, engineering contracts, power projects, sale of goods, joint ventures, transfer of technology and know-how agreements, determination and fixation of tariff for electricity and gas supply before concerned government authorities, etc. He has been involved with the various facets of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms and its application, including pre-arbitration advise, contractual advice and claim analysis. He has also successfully handled several high-stake international arbitrations before the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) and the Singapore International Arbitration Council (SIAC) Tribunals, as also in the enforcement of the Arbitral Awards in such matters within and outside India.

In addition to above, Navin has also been handling and representing clients in proceedings in the various High Courts all over India and the Supreme Court of India under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Such proceedings include challenge to Arbitral Awards, enforcement of Arbitral Awards / Arbitration Agreements executed between contracting parties, as well as seeking interim measures and protection for parties to arbitration agreements, applications for the constitution of the Arbitral Panel, etc.

His experience also includes advising clients in the enforcement of Foreign Awards in India as well as enforcement of Indian Awards outside India, including under the New York Convention; he has also been involved in procuring enforcement of Partial Awards and Interim Awards/Orders passed in International Arbitrations.

Apart from advising clients in active arbitration proceedings before various forums, courts and tribunals, Navin has also been advising clients on the initiation and conduct of ‘conciliation proceedings’ under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and on the enforcement of the decision rendered by the Conciliator in such conciliation proceedings. He has also been involved in ‘mediation proceedings’ whereby the disputes have either been settled between the parties outside the purview of Court or Arbitral Tribunal, or Consent Awards are obtained from the Arbitral Panel which are enforceable in law.