Surbhi Agarwal
Of Counsel
Surbhi Agarwal has been actively practicing in the field of Dispute Prevention and Resolution for more than fifteen (15) years. She regularly represents clients including muti-national companies in Arbitration and Litigation matters. She specializes in infrastructure contracts pertaining to construction of roads, highways, runways, construction of metro lines, gas supply contracts etc. Her experience also includes advising clients in the enforcement of Foreign Awards in India.

Some of the international and domestic arbitration/litigation cases handled by Surbhi are listed below:

Representing Indian Construction Company in high stake arbitration matters where the claims run into several hundred crores. The work involves drafting of notices for invoking arbitration, drafting of statement of claim, applications, replies, rejoinder and representing the client before the Arbitration Tribunal and High Court.

Representing the Korean Company in its various arbitration proceedings both before Arbitral Tribunals as well as Courts, including the Supreme Court of India relating to disputes arising out of Highway Construction Contracts and interpretation of complex disputes like application of Wholesale Price Index (WPI) for calculating escalation/ price variation and implementation thereof.

Regularly advising clients on preparing their arbitration claims under the contract by examining the terms of the contract and communications exchanged during the execution of works, defending imposition of liquidated damages and other penalties against clients.

Handling petitions under Section 34 of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 challenging arbitral award.

Appointed as Sole Arbitrator by the parties for adjudicating disputes arising from their Services and Procurement Agreement.

Advising clients by giving Legal Opinions on various issues concerning Contract Law, Arbitration Law, Sale of Goods and Commercial Laws in General .